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Since the original rust bucket hippie van hit the Melbourne streets over a decade ago the Man’s furniture moving fleet has evolved into a shiny armada of brand new trucks, fully equipped with all the gear our movers need to do the job right.  From our XL behemoths to the nimble M sized trucks all are clean, reliable and GPS tracked.

Medium Trucks

Medium trucks have the dimensions: 2m inside height, 1.85m inside width. 3.4m inside depth, 3m height clearance.

Large Trucks

Large trucks have the dimensions: 2.3m inside height, 2.3m inside width. 4.2m inside depth, 3.3m height clearance.

Extra Large Trucks

Extra Large trucks have the dimensions: 2.6m inside height, 2.4m inside width. 8m inside depth, 4m height clearance.