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News & FAQ  >  The Crew  >  Meet the Man With A Van Crew: Haydn Dinsdale

Meet the Man With A Van Crew: Haydn Dinsdale

Haydn has had two stints with Man With A Van. Back in 2009 when he was 22, he moved from Mornington Peninsula to the big smoke after his friend, who was a Man With A Van removalist at the time, convinced him to. 

After a year and a half, Haydn picked up some work at Perisher during the snow season, before moving to Canada and then Byron Bay. Returning to Melbourne in 2013, Haydn worked as a newly qualified Personal Trainer for a couple of years, before leaving that industry altogether and joining Man With A Van again in 2015. 

Like many of the other removalists, Haydn nurtures a passion on the side - and it’s quite a unique one. Somewhere in the realm of coaching, yet arguably much more, Haydn is a facilitator, speaker and advocate, with an acute focus on issues that impact men in the modern world.  

Last year saw Haydn co-run an event called ‘Deadlifts For Depression’ with fellow mover, Ben Little, which raised over $4,000 for Beyond Blue. He also ran a workshop called ‘Break The Chains’ which served as an exploration of the different ways emotions can be channelled towards productivity. The workshop also sought to foster consciousness around the way in which we move our bodies. 

From there, Haydn was invited to present at the Menergy Men’s Gathering, both earlier this year, and again later in the year, on elevating one’s perceived worth and conquering self-doubt. 

But it’s not just in his pursued passion that Haydn is making an impact. At Man With A Van, he is known as the ‘Miracle Man’.

“I was originally nicknamed ‘Path To Glory’. I would often tell everyone to continue on their path to glory when I’d clock off, and the name stuck. But one day, I got a call from the office asking if I could bring another job forward. I said, ‘Tandy, leave it with me, I’m a miracle man’. Of course, I got the job done and from that day on, that’s what everyone knows me as – the Miracle Man.”

Curious, I pressed Haydn on how the company has changed since 2009, “back then we had about 20 people, and we used Transit vans. Now, the company has about 35 vehicles (none of which are vans), and over 150 staff.”

Amused, Haydn goes on to explain, “it was the Wild West back when I originally started. But the business has grown and therefore evolved.”

Haydn says this year has been one for really digging deep and focusing on himself, “I work in the office as well now, which has been good in giving my body some respite. But no matter what, whether it’s on the road, or in the office, there’s always a good level of comradery. It’s a good place to work.”