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Items We Don't Move

The Man makes sure every job is done right. If we don't have the right tools for the job, we’ll recommend someone who does.

As always, The Man's got your back.


Pianos contain a very heavy cast iron harp. The cast iron part is smaller in upright pianos, but even so you’re still looking at around 200kg minimum. This is beyond the limit of what you can move safely through manually handling - it requires specialist gear. Special skills are also needed to give the instrument the required tune-up after it has been handled. We reckon there’s only one name you need to know in this game - Lachlan Brown Piano Tuning and Moving. He's even got a stair-climbing machine, which never fails to impress.

Billiard Tables

Billiard tables used to be made from wood, but over time the playing surface would warp. The solution to this was to make the table base from slate, which holds its form much better over the lifetime of a table. This design choice does mean that these items are generally very heavy, and particularly susceptible to damage if transported without disassembly - a process best left to specialists. We recommend Harry Evans and Sons, based in Fitzroy, to relocate your billiard table.

Gas bottles

While we will move your barbie, we won’t be able to carry its gas bottle. Putting a gas bottle in the back of a truck is a massive safety risk - see this article from The Age if you're curious as to the risks involved.

Gas bottles will need to be transported separately. The same goes for lawn mowers and other petrol or diesel tools (unless fully emptied beforehand).

Free-standing office printers and photocopiers

These items should generally moved by the manufacturer. It’s best to contact them directly, as they know how to shift them safely - often repackaging them to protect the many protruding parts. In many cases, if they’re relocated by another carrier (us included), it will void the warranty. Contact your manufacturer for further advice.

That's it...

...well, barring other bespoke or especially tricky items you may need relocated. If you have any questions about particular pieces, it's best to give our bookings team a call on 94173443. All of our phone staff have vast experience moving in Melbourne and can offer specialist advice on the best way to get the job done.

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