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Why Move With The Man?

Why should I use Man With A Van?

We may come across as casual, but we take removals very seriously.  

With over a 15 years of experience moving Melbourne, The Man knows how to pull off the perfect move. 

From the intensive training of new recruits to our comprehensive insurance (offering far greater coverage than the competition), you know your things are in safe hands.

We know you have other things to do with your day, and we'll let you get on with them. We've got a reputation for reliability, thanks to the large fleet at The Man’s disposal, allowing you to rest easy - we'll get you relocated, no worries at all.

Our fleet

We have more than 30 vehicles in three convenient sizes. The Medium truck, which is generally good for a one bedroom apartment or a few items, the Large truck, which is our standard size for a two-bedroom apartment or home, and the Extra Large truck, which excels at three-bedroom house moves and large office moves. Our phone experts can advise you on which vehicle size will best suit your needs.

Phone experts

All of our phone staff are also experienced furniture removalists. Working in our phone room is the finishing school at Man With A Van - to get there, you need to have done your time shifting stuff and learnt the ropes. You can be confident that you are in safe hands when you're getting a price estimate from someone who has almost certainly completed thousands of removals jobs. They're also backed by a bookings system which can predict move duration with surprising precision, given information about the amount of items, the distance between properties, and the access (whether there's an elevator, stairs, or entry from ground level).

Mover training

Our training program is the best in the industry. We don't send out movers to learn on the job - all our recruits have to pass strength and endurance tests as part of the hiring process. After that, new movers complete our full two-day induction, with lifting and driving modules, and then spend five days operating alongside our most experienced movers. This allows us to pass on the smooth moves The Man has developed with more than a decade and a half in the Melbourne moving game. We're constantly making refinements to this to ensure that our new movers are as prepared as possible by the time they hit the road.

Note: All our movers are employees, and they all go through our training program. No exceptions. When choosing a moving service, choose one which operates employees, rather than dodgy contractors who don't have any accountability - they could leave you high and dry.


A proper moving service makes sure they've always got the right gear to get the job done quickly, and without damage to your precious goods. Our vehicles come fully-stocked with the whole gamut of removals gear - pads (we colloquially call these moving blankets), straps, elastics, upright hand trolleys, flat-bed dollys, a toolkit, and more.

Our damage guarantee

We guarantee the work we do. What this means is that should the worst happen, and an item be damaged while being moved by our staff, we'll repair, replace or compensate for it - see our Terms and Conditions for more detail. We're insured for handling, transit and public liability. Basically, this means that damage to goods while we're handling them or they're in our truck is covered, as is damage to your building or public property. That's a level of peace of mind that unscrupulous movers don't offer.


If you're still not sure about whether you want to move with us, you can check out our knowledge base at https://manwithavan.com.au/news-faq/moving-tips - you'll soon see that we know what we're banging on about.

You can also give one of our moving experts a call on the phone, at 9417 3443.

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