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News & FAQ  >  Moving Tips  >  The Man's Moving Checklist

The Man's Moving Checklist


The Man has seen enough Melbourne removals to know how hard it can be to pack it all up, so we've put together a checklist to make your move easier! Here are a few tips for a trouble-free move from the Man’s many years in the biz.

(Scroll to the bottom to download the A4 printable checklist).

  • It helps to pack heavier items (such as books, magazines and records) into smaller boxes. Use your larger boxes for lighter items (e.g. linens, toys, etc). Make sure all boxes are securely taped shut.
  • Fridges and freezers should be emptied of contents, cleaned and dried to prevent mould.
  • Bubble-wrap all large glass pieces from picture frames to tabletops. This provides extra protection for the fragile edges.
  • Empty all cabinets and drawers, as items may need to be turned on their side or upside down during handling.
  • All pre-fabricated, flat-pack furniture (including IKEA) should be dismantled before the move. These items are made to be moved flat, and as such the joints and locking mechanisms are not designed to tolerate the strain of transport.
  • It’s best to pack televisions in their original boxes. If you’ve thrown yours out, don’t fret, you can purchase TV moving boxes from your local storage unit. Having all cables and accessories disconnected and packed before the move is also recommended, as it will save time on the job.
  • When packing crockery, glassware and other fragile items in boxes, please wrap each piece with butcher’s paper or similar, and pad sufficiently. Scrawl “fragile” on the sides and top and point them out to your Movers so we know to take extra care.
  • Grab all small valuables (e.g. wallets, phones, jewellery, keys, passports etc) and transport them yourself. These are easily lost during a move.
  • Disconnect washing machine hoses and drain them of water to prevent leakage in the truck.
  • If you have a front-loading washing machine, please check the manual and either install the transit rods yourself or have a appliance tech do it for you. This is important, because the washing machine may be damaged if transported without the rods in place. Our staff cannot do this for you as the requirements vary between models.
  • Please disconnect gas bottles from barbecues or outdoor heaters. Our staff are unable to transport gas bottles for safety reasons. Other fire-risk items such as petrols, oils and paints should be transported separately or disposed of before The Man arrives.