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News & FAQ  >  News  >  Gertrude Street Projection Festival 2019

Gertrude Street Projection Festival 2019

The crowd at 2017's projection festival at a performance from the back of a MWAV truck.

The crowd at 2017's projection festival at a performance from the back of a MWAV truck.

Man With A Van will be providing support to the Gertrude Street Projection Festival again this year.

The iconic local event is Australia's longest-running projection festival, providing opportunities for local artists and community members, as well as visitors, to experience Fitzroy in a new way.

This 2019 edition of the festival, running from July 26 to August 3, will again see digital media and contemporary projection works spanning the length of Gertrude Street. Participating artists will be exploring this year’s themes of desire, disruption and subversion.

MWAV has provided various methods of support to the festival over the previous four years - from supplying trucks as performance venues to loaning lighting and sound equipment.

MWAV director Tim Bishop said the company would be lending a hand for a fifth time to strengthen ties with the local community.

“We’re part of the Yarra community, and it’s an opportunity to highlight the great work of established as well as young and disadvantaged artists from our area, and help put on an event that brings everyone from the community together in a fun way,” Tim said.

“In the past we've provided trucks to be used as mini-cinemas or for dance parties and fashion runway shows. As well as marquees, sound systems and people power for mobilising events.”

The events supported by MWAV fall on the opening and closing nights.

“This year we’re involved with a Krump performance on opening night and the closing night block party - providing projectors, sound systems and expertise,” Tim said.

Closing Night Block Party, Saturday August 3

Visual Arts Program

HOME - Jamal Twycross Smith with Akolda Bil

This immersive, intimate and enclosed video experience wraps the viewer in a vibrant, life-sized illustrative scene that functions as a conceptual end-point of the Block Party.

Instagram: @jamaru_digital

Community Activates - Natasha Brennfleck

Natasha’s response to the belonging that courses through Atherton Gardens operates as a personal reflection of her own constituents of belonging; play, cheekiness and curiosity. Employing ambient visuals responding to the subtle interplay between light, nature and tactile spaces, Natasha’s work encourages audiences to explore playfulness, through projection and sculpture.

Instagram: @TSH_BRN

TRACER - Brody Xarhakos with Ror Akot

Inspired by data visualisation, Brody X will explore the movement, activity and atmosphere of Atherton Gardens. Incorporating field recordings, animation and live action footage, TRACER depicts movement through space and time by mapping different routes and pathways traversed by people within the housing estate.

Instagram: @brodyx_

Mate - Bianca Raffin with Nakier Choll

Bianca Raffin’s discreet, site-specific projection work probes the theme of belonging that underpins this year’s GSPF closing party.

Exploring shared ceremonial experiences, Bianca’s festival response examines video sculptures of quotidian rituals drawn from the convergence of her own cultural heritage with that of the varied representations reflected in the Atherton Gardens Housing Estate.

Instagram: @biancabillyraffin

Music Program

The music program for this year’s GSPF closing Block Party is an invitation to the public to share in the eclectic experiences and creative energy of young residents of the housing estate, transforming the Atherton Gardens basketball court into a hot bed of culturally diverse expression; from hip hop to afro beat, join us to ignite the night.

5:00 PM -  Jah Tung & The Natural Order

Live reggae band. Instagram: @jahtung @thenaturalorderband

5:30 PM - C.Frim

DJ-afrobeat, future club, bass, hip hop. Instagram: @c.frim

6:00 PM - Drip Squad

Hip hop crew.

6:05 PM - Girl Zone

6:15 PM - AKB


6:25 PM - Ror 

Rapper. Instagram: @_rorror_

6:35 PM - Unleish & Lil Fright Night

Hip hop, trap & R&B DJs from YYS DJ Skills (Vinyl Vixens Jnr).

6:55 PM - CUTS OF CHAOS (and BrodyX)

YYS Fashion parade.

7:05 PM - Kaymi

DJ-reggaeton, hip hop, baile funk.

7:35 PM - Style'n'Grace + Dance crews

DJ-afrobeat, afrohouse, reggaeton​. Instagram: @styleandgrace______

8:00 PM - YAW FASO

Live Dancehall artist. Instagram: @yawfaso

8:15 PM - Muma Doesa

Dj-South African hip hop. Instagram: @mumadoesa

8:45 PM - Zue$

Hip hop artist Rising High studios. Instagram: @unemployedzeus

8:55 PM - YFA

Rnb artist Rising High studios. Instagram: @_temmygurl_

9:05 PM - Henrdrix Soul

Hip hop artist Rising High studios.

9:15 PM - DJ Smilez

Dj-Latin, trap, hip hop​. Instagram: @djsmilezofficial

9:50 PM - MC ROR

Check out the GSPF website for further information on featured artists, festival supporters and scheduling.


For more on The Man's partnerships with local organisations, check out our report on Moving the Mums.

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